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 The Gallery

The Story of the Art Gallery

The story of an artisan-artist who discovers art and falls in love with it after starting to make picture frames, the ones which ,just to know, were first worked and even inlaid and then covered with a pure gold leaf. His name is Mauro Brunetti, 1968 the year, Ponsacco the place. That year, in his workshop, Mr.Brunetti opens a place for the exhibitions of pictures but only after the encounter with a painter there will be the turning point in his future activity. The painter is Parrini Solmani whose wife is the sister of Remo Brindisi, one the great artists of the 20th century Italian painting. From the friendship with Parrini Solmani, which will strengthen in the followinf years, the association of painters called “Il Baiocco” was born and Mr. Brunetti became the first president. The association organizes personal and collective exhibitions, mainly in the Pisa and Leghorn areas but also in Versilia, Viareggio and Milan. Among the most important artistic initiatives there is the prize “Il Caminetto” held in Tirrenia and in which Mr.Brunetti is more than once a member of the jury together with arts critics like Mr.Falossi, director of the art review “Il Quadrato”.

The Encounter

His first encounter with Brindisi at the Museum of Lido di Spina is the result of his friendship with Parrini Solmani. Brindisi himself, acknowledging his deep interest in arts, would appreciate the young man so much as to invite him to spend a time with him. That encounter, more than any other, influenced the man who, with the years, would become one of the most estimated and appreciated Tuscan art gallery managers.

The Club

Five years later, in 1983, in Ponsacco, under Mr.Brunetti’s aegis, the club ”Amedeo Modigliani” was founded, its first president being an entrepreneur, Mr.Luciano Pratelli with Mr. Brunetti Himself as art director. The purpose of the club is to get people nearer modern art, not only through the artists’exhibitions but also with guided visits to important art shows both in Italy and abroad. The visits follow one another and the people’s interest in art grows in this centre of the Pisan area. Important personal exhibitions of the major contemporary artists are visited in Rome, Venice, Ferrara, Bologna, Florence, Paris; the interest in the club “Amedeo Modigliani” raises. In 1982 the son Brunetti Marco becomes part of activity, which will trasform the circle A. Modigliani into Brunetti’s Art Gallery.

The 90’s

Since then there has been a continuous increase in exhibitions of great painters such as Renato Natali, Emilio Greco, Renzo Vespignani, Renato Borsato, Beppe Serafini, Gianni Dova, Mino Maccari. In the 1990s “Brunetti’s Art Gallery” is already a consolidated reality in the national artistic panorama. The artists showing their paintings there are famous: Brindisi,Squillantini, Possenti, Scatizzi, Borghese, Caffè, Migneco, Treccani, Gonzaga, Alinari and Maranghi just with the last one, Giovanni Maranghi, from 16th November to 24th December was celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Art Gallery.